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If you are looking for a perfect holiday experience with memories to cherish Nature, you are at the right place. Let’s plan a reasonable stay for you in Nature.

Surrounded by scenic beauty and attractive tourist attractions we make it convenient for you to visit all the beautiful places with our Mudhouse guide. We can also help you arrange transport facilities for an easier commute to nearby places, also Trekking , birdwatching expedition in Valley.

Experience the Life of Tirthan Valley

We will help you experience Tirthan valley stay and activities at our own place. You can enjoy Nature , Fall, River , Angling, Eco Tours , Great Himalayan National Park UNESCO world Heritage Site Trekking and Camping Adventure with us #Tirthanecostay #ecotour .

Pet Friendly Stay

Attractions & Visiting Sights

If you are looking for a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience altogether, we offer all of that under one roof.

Tirthan River

An Infinite-edge Nature Pool

Experience the joy of Tirthan River in Tirthan Valley which is famous for its Crystal clear and pure water , it has Fresh water Golden Trout Fish so you can enjoy Angling , river crossing activity,...

Tirthan View
Tirthan View

Tirthan View

We are based in such an pleasant location that you can feel nature Pure breeze in common Sitting space.

Nature Fall


Nature Fall located just 4-5 minutes Drivefrom our Property, spend some time in nature Lap

Our Stay & Sights Pictures

Take a look at some pretty pictures captured in and around our premises.

Pet friendly
Pet Friendly Stay
Flying KingFisher
Flying Beast
Mountain View
Mountain View Rooms
Local Village Sight
Mata Gada Durga Temple View
Be local with Local
Wild ForestSights
Wild View

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