Cross the River Tirthan, Trek at Great Himalayan National Park, Rock Climbing, Fishing in the Tirthan River, Camping at Tirthan Valley, Bird Watching, and more.

Things to do in Tirthan Valley, which entice wanderlust travelers as well as adventure seekers from all over the country. Sliding from one point to another over the Tirthan river, hiking up to the Chhoie waterfall, trekking atop the great Himalayan national park, climbing up to the hanging rocks, and angling along the Tirthan river will certainly give you a surreal experience of the valley.

On top of everything you will be at all times having an immersive experience of sighting the lush natural beauty and scenic picturesque environment all around to tranquilize your body and mind no matter what adventure activity you try at the valley.

Here is a list of some things to do in Tirthan Valley:

  • Cross the River Tirthan

Crossing the river Tirthan is one of the most loved things to do in the valley. Adventure seekers come over to this place to satisfy their adrenaline rush by sliding from one point to another being tied to a safety harness. The most thrilling part of this thing to do in Tirthan Valley is the spray of the icy cold river water of the turbulent river Tirthan.

It is at all times advised to take special care of the undercurrents in the course of taking this activity. This activity is located at a distance of 15 km from the city center, which can be reached by means of both public as well as private transport.

  • Explore Serlosar Lake

The water of the lake remains clean all through the year even after several leaves fall into it. Exploring this unexplored place with your loved ones will be great fun in the valley.

This place is also known for its place of worship that is devoted to Goddess Budhi Nagin. As per the local belief, the Goddess had a hundred sons and they act as a guardian of the place. The best way to explore this place would be walking along its enchanting banks, which is covered densely with oak trees.

  •  The Chhoie Waterfall

Chhoie waterfall happens to be one of the most loved cascades the trekkers love to cross in the course of their trekking expedition.

The cascade can be described as absolutely breathtaking beauty that boasts of bounteous natural elements, peace and tranquillity. In order to reach this temple, you would need to reach a small village called Gai Dhar Village. These things to do in Tirthan Valley will take you through the widespread views of the backdrops and glittering views of nature

  • Camping at Tirthan Valley

Camping at Tirthan Valley will provide you with one of the best experiences of a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of chaotic city life. The camping experience at the valley will enable you to see the stunning beautiful sweeping views of the natural paradise.

In these things to do in Tirthan Valley, you will be hiking through the lush green thickets and at the same time, you will also be relishing the scenic landscapes that comprises a number of stunning waterfalls. The camping activity at Tirthan Valley will include trekking, camping, sightseeing and fishing. All these put together will give you a complete overview of life at the valley in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Explore the Jalori Pass

Nestled in the middle of the northern Himalayas, this mountain pass is one of the lesser-known and undiscovered beauty. The panoramic views of the snow capped Himalayan landscapes and the fresh mountain air will tranquillize your body and mind. In this exploration tour, you will also be able to sight some of the rare and exquisite flowers, birds and a peaceful surreal environment.

The best time to come over to this place would be from the mid of June to the mid of October. This is the only time of the year when traversing through the trek seems to be easy and manageable. In the peak winter season, the trek remains closed because of heavy snowfall.

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