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Why to Visit Tirthan Valley

Now, I am sure that you might be wondering why you need to visit Tirthan Valley. What’s so special about it? Well, Tirthan Valley is an offbeat Himachal destination and it is quite easy to reach here and explore around the valley by road. So, you get everything that you need as a tourist or a traveler and you don’t have to fight with hordes of the crowd around here. Sounds blissful, right?

Another reason to visit Tirthan Valley is that it is a major hub for trekking enthusiasts. This valley is a base for several treks such as the Serolsar Lake trek, the Great Himalayan National Park Trek, the Jalori Pass trek, and a lot more others.

Since Tirthan Valley is the gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park, it is a top destination for nature enthusiasts as well. You have a whole another world to explore around here on your trip. And last, but not least, you can also trek to the source of the Tirthan River which is at an altitude of 13,780 ft. Tirth Peak trek is a 7-day trek and is one of the best adventures to indulge in in the valley.

Best Tirthan Valley Treks to Check Out

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of treks to explore around Tirthan Valley depending on the number of days that you have. From short day hikes to challenging week-long treks, Tirthan Valley is full of adventurous activities for travelers to check out.

Some of the popular treks to do in Tirthan Valley are mentioned below:

Great Himalayan National Park Trek (GHNP)

Jalori Pass – Serolsar Lake Hike

A beautiful lake that has several amazing folklore associated with it, Serolsar Lake is just a 90-minute drive from Gushaini village in Tirthan Valley. Located near the Buddhi Nagin Mata temple, this lake looks gorgeous surrounded by towering trees. According to folklore, whenever a leave falls on the lake surface, one of the two birds guarding the lake picks it up to remove it.

The hike to Serolsar Lake from Jalori Pass is a popular one that can be completed in just 3 hours. There are a few campsites on this trail as well where you can enjoy a comfortable stay and meal if you wish to spend a night near the Serolsar lake.

Chhoie Waterfall Hike

If you are looking for a short hike in Tirthan Valley and are staying near the Tirthan River, then you can hike to the Chhoie Waterfall. This is also known as the Sai Ropa waterfall and you don’t need any vehicle to reach this waterfall.

The trek starts from the road between Nagini and Sai Ropa and you also cross a beautiful village and a forest before you reach the waterfall.

Tirath Trek

If you are looking for a challenging trek then the Tirath trek is one of the best ones to embark on in Tirthan Valley. As you must have deduced by the name, this trek will take you to the source of the Tirthan River that flows through the entire valley. This is a long and moderately difficult trek and can take anywhere between 7-10 days to complete, depending on your stamina and trekking experience.

It is a 30 km trek that is filled with amazing campsites so you can stop and take refuge in them at night time. The summit is at an elevation of 12,319 ft. and will be the perfect trek for adventure enthusiasts.

Tirthan Valley Trekking Itinerary

  • Day 1: Reach Tirthan Valley
  • Day 2: Chhoie Waterfall Trek
  • Day 3: Jalori Pass and Serolsar Lake Hike
  • Day 4: Gushaini to GHNP Trek
  • Day 5: Depart from Tirthan Valley

How to Reach Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is well-connected to several major cities and towns in India so you can find several travel options to reach here. Delhi to Tirthan Valley distance is approximately 336 km and one can easily reach this destination by road.

Reach Tirthan Valley by Air

The nearest airport to Tirthan Valley is Bhuntar airport at a distance of approximately 50 km. One can easily take a flight to Bhuntar and then take a local bus or cab to reach Tirthan Valley.

Reach Tirthan Valley by Train

he nearest major railway to Tirthan Valley is Chandigarh railway station. You will find several trains connecting Chandigarh to major cities in India. From Chandigarh, you will find lots of buses and cabs going to Tirthan Valley. Joginder Railway station is also an option which is around 120 km from the valley but there aren’t a lot of trains stopping at this station.

Reach Tirthan Valley by Road

One of the best ways to reach Tirthan Valley is by road. You can choose to drive your private vehicle on the Delhi – Tirthan Valley or Chandigarh – Tirthan Valley route or even hire a cab for the same.

Apart from that, you also have an option to take a bus from Delhi or Chandigarh to Aut. From Aut, you can get local buses to Tirthan Valley. You also have the option to hire a taxi from Aut to Tirthan Valley that will cost you around 3000 – 4000 INR for the entire taxi.  You can learn in detail about different routes and modes of transportation to reach Tirthan Valley on our other blog.


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